Annual Notice of Services for Students with Disabilities Including
Special Education and Protected Handicapped Students

Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Promotion/Retention Policy*
A student will be assigned to a summer program if he/she:

  • Has failed Reading (Grade 3), Language Arts (Grade 4), or English (Grades 5-8); or has failed Mathematics; or has scored below the 26th percentile in reading or math in the fall administration of the TerraNova.
  • Has not completed either a multidisciplinary or service learning project (Grade 8 only).

The decision is made to promote or retain the student at the end of the summer program. Failure to meet promotion/retention qualifications may result in Grade 8 students being excluded from Closing Exercises.
*Note: The Promotion/Retention Policy is set by the School District and is subject to changes.

Important Numbers

Report Bullying

(215) 400-SAFE (7233)


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