Background Check

A new law went into effect on Dec. 31, 2014, changing state policy on background checks for school employees and volunteers. Act 153 of 2014 (known as the Child Protective Services Law) requires any unpaid, adult volunteer who has direct contact, routine interaction, or responsibility for the welfare of children in public schools to provide a series of background checks:

  • A clearance statement from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (formerly known as the Department of Public Welfare);
  • A Pennsylvania State Police criminal history report; and
  • A written statement that the volunteer has been a resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years and is not disqualified from service based upon criminal convictions (i.e., the same criminal convictions that would disqualify an individual from school employment).

Volunteers applying for a paid position or volunteers who have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the last 10 years will also have to obtain an FBI criminal history report, which includes fingerprinting.

Some school districts already require one or more of these background checks, but under the new state law, volunteers in all school districts must obtain them.

You have the options of printing these forms out and mailing them in for processing, or completing them online.  Please see the directions below for both methods.


Please print the following attachments and follow the directions on each form to submit to the appropriate authorities.  Please note, using this method will prolong the process for receiving finalized paperwork.